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The Essential Divorce Blogs for Men

by Steve Fritsch on October 19, 2015

Men who are in the stages of divorce or have recently been through a divorce likely want a solid plan to get their life back on track. Whether those plans involve great legal advice or emotional support, there are plenty of great blogs on the Internet designed to meet a wide range of men’s divorce needs. While every man needs an expert divorce attorney by his side during the divorce process, the following blogs are also great divorce resources in their own right, making them a great resource for divorcing husbands and ex-husbands alike.

Single Dads Need to Check Out the Essential Life As a Divorced Dad Blog

For many fathers, children are the most important consideration during a divorce. This blog caters specifically to this demographic, highlighting the best ways to adapt to newly divorced status while still providing for children and the usual family obligations.

Any Fathers Wanting Great Information on Custody Should Check Out Daddy Got Custody

It is often difficult for men to contend with a family court if they want custody, but this essential resource provides tips and strategies on how to do just that. Beyond the practical help, the blog also serves as a great reminder that the kids should take priority. To this end, there are many great posts tackling the subject of how to be the best father possible during a divorce.

Sometimes Daddies Cry Is a Fantastic Resource for Men in Need of Support

Sometimes, it helps men to know that they are not alone. Sometimes Daddies Cry is an outstanding blog that delves into the weighty emotions divorcing dads will face and experience. Beyond being a helpful blog, the website also doubles as a vibrant single dad community that offers advice and emotional support throughout any stage of divorce.

Sometimes, Divorce Is about Teamwork When the Flames Go Up

Marriages end for a seemingly endless number of reasons, but if children are involved, the teamwork should never end. This blog serves as an eloquent reminder of just that, with male and female authors that both remind readers how vital co-parenting is when a child’s future is at stake.

Readers That Love a Good Yarn Will Appreciate Memoirs of a Single Dad

Remembering a life’s journey is important, and many divorced dads will identify with the penned experiences on Memoirs of a Single Dad. This blog provides helpful insights to the divorce process and also helps single dads rebound with helpful dating advice and proven strategies. Overall, this is a great read for reminiscing dads that still have vibrant plans for the future.

A Network of Divorced Dads Is Available at Single Dad

Single dad has one mission for its readership and community: making life happen again. There is still plenty of life to live post-divorce, and this community is working together to find joy in the process. The community shares everything from attorney recommendations to fitness to travel destinations, making it a great one-stop resource for single dads everywhere.

Read Divorced Guy Grinning to Stay Upbeat During the Trying Times of Divorce

While Jackie Pilossoph is a woman, her Divorced Guy Grinning blog provides the same quality divorce advice that she offers for women on her Divorced Girl Smiling blog. Both blogs are designed to provide emotional support for the ups and downs of divorce, bringing some much-needed positivity to the process.

For Fearless Fathers, It Helps to Navigate the Tricky Landscape of Father’s Rights

In an era where it is increasingly uncommon for dads to receive custody, fathers who wish to get custody should understand the rights that they do and do not have in family court. While an experienced attorney will, naturally, offer the best advice, some of the lived experiences on this blog will be eye-opening and worth the read for many divorcing and divorced fathers.

All of these resources are valuable in their own ways, but receiving quality legal assistance is still the best life decision that any divorcing dad can make. This is particularly true for any fathers that wish to receive custody of their children. In order to receive the best legal assistance during divorce¬†contact expert men’s divorce attorneys to receive the professional legal representation you need during your divorce.


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