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Child Support Lawyer

child supportIn California, child support is calculated according to guidelines.  A parent’s obligation is determined by a mathematical formula called a “guideline.”  In calculating child support the court uses both parties’ incomes, how much time each party has with the children (“timeshare”), tax filing status and allowable deductions.

Calculating Child Support

Determining a parent’s income is essential to calculating child support.  This determination can be complicated and many times is a highly contested area between the parties.  The preparation of financial documents and presentation of the parents’ income to the court is crucial and may have a great impact on the amount of support ordered.  For W-2 employees, the inclusion of overtime and bonuses as income available for the support calculation is often an area of contention.   Self-employment creates additional complex issues that play an important role in determining the income of the self-employed person.  Because a self-employed person deducts expenses against their gross income to obtain the lowest possible net income, they tend to inflate their business expenses.  It is therefore necessary to understand what are legitimate expenses and what expenses should be added back to obtain the actual income of the self-employed.  The Law Office of Steven L. Fritsch has the knowledge and experience to assist you in determining the incomes of the parties and calculating child support.

The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) is another avenue other than the Family Court that assists in determining, enforcing and collecting support.  DCSS has remedies that the Family Court does not have to collect support.  Steven L. Fritsch, Esq. has years of experience litigating in DCSS and has represented numerous parents whose child support is being enforced in DCSS.  The Law Office of Steven L. Fritsch will aggressively represent your interests in any DCSS matter.