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Chloe Bilodeau is the Winner of 2015 Law Office of Steven Fritsch Scholarship

by Steve Fritsch on September 29, 2015

Chloe BilodeauThe practice of law requires the constant creation of forceful advocates. The American system of jurisprudence is an adversarial one, with lawyer pitted against lawyer. Without well-educated legal advocates of all stripes, the system would be one of might makes right, rather than one of justice.

It is programs such as the Law Office of Steven Fritsch Scholarship that help ensure that everyone has a shot at being an attorney. With financial support paid to their schools, these young people do not have to worry about finances getting in the way of their life plans. Moreover, the scholarship, and others like it, seeks out the highest quality candidates, those who truly have something of value to add to the profession.

Thus, the recipients are a truly diverse group of people, hailing from various parts of the country, economic backgrounds and ethnicities. The only characteristic common among them all is the drive to succeed, despite all odds. And, this quality is what the scholarship committee saw in the 2015 Law Office of Steven Fritsch Scholarship winner, Chloe Bilodeau of Florida. This young woman will undoubtedly become a forceful advocate and voice for children in family law for years to come.

Background of the 2015 Winner

Chloe Bilodeau, as mentioned, hails from Florida. There, she excelled in school, while living in a single parent home because of unforeseen life circumstances. She saw people around her at times go without financial security, making her realize that life is not always fair.

Instead of giving up, this resilient young woman made it her life’s desire to overcome obstacles that would overwhelm many. Moreover, rather than expect everyone to possess the same degree of determination as herself, she hopes to go into family law to help fight for those who may not be able to do it themselves.

It is this type of commitment to improving the community that made Chloe Bilodeau stand out to the 2015 Law Office of Steven Fritsch Scholarship committee. She is poised to make a remarkable contribution to society.

University of Florida of Graduate

After high school, Chloe Bilodeau attended the prestigious University of Florida, in Gainesville. There she continued to do well academically, graduating cum laude, while carrying a heavy course load.

So determined was she to succeed that she entered the institution with 35 course hours of advanced placement credit, a tremendous head start. This sort of initiative will serve Chloe Bilodeau well in law school and later in practice. No one tells a law student how to study or a lawyer how to handle a case. It is expected that they have the ability and will to do things on their own.

It is evident from her success as an undergraduate that Chloe Bilodeau has what it takes to become a lawyer of importance.

Law School Plans

For her legal education, Chloe Bilodeau has chosen the Washington and Lee University School of Law in Lexington, Virginia. There she will find the Community Legal Practice Center most inviting. Students get to work in the areas of child custody, adoption, and guardianships.

Washington and Lee presents a wonderful opportunity to become proficient in family law before even passing the bar exam. The small setting, there being only around 400 students, means Chloe Bilodeau can expect lots of individual attention from the prestigious faculty at this US News and Report top-50 law school.

Law Office of Steven Fritsch Scholarship

The ultimate goal of the Law Office of Steven Fritsch Scholarship is to support excellence in the family law specialty. $1000 goes to help first-year students, known as 1Ls, pay for their educations. This financial support allows the recipients to focus on learning the law, rather than worrying about paying for school, which is becoming more a concern as tuition rates continue to rise.

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