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Guardianship Attorneys

Types of Guardianship

Guardianships are court proceedings in which the Court awards custody of a child, and/or the power to manage a child’s property, to someone who is not the parent of the child.  Although similar to custody and visitation in Family law matters, guardianships are generally commenced in Probate Court but in some instances may commence in Juvenile Court.

A guardianship of the person means the guardian is in charge of the child’s care and protection and has control over the child’s education, health care and personal needs.  A guardianship of the estate appoints someone to oversee and make financial decisions regarding the child’s income, money or other property and preserve the child’s estate until he or she turns 18.

If the child needs immediate help a temporary guardianship may be requested.  However, a permanent or general guardianship must be set for hearing before or at the same time of the temporary guardianship.

Steven L. Fritsch, Esq. is extremely experienced in these cases and has represented many nonparents in obtaining and many parents opposing guardianships.  Please contact the Law Office of Steven L. Fritsch to discuss your case and the correct course of action.